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What is a group?Edit

A group is where all the magic happens, and is the most important part of your outfit. Not having all your objects in a group can result in some nasty problems and complications later on in your PAC. Sometimes, rendering the PAC completely unusable. Your little objects will get lost without a group!

But this isn't all groups can do! Groups can also be used to change the owner. If you make the owner a prop, you can apply outfit to a prop. If it's an NPC, the NPC will wear your outfit. You can even do this to customize a jeep!

Name Default Description
description "" A Part Description is what it is, it's a Description, of your part! This is to help remind you while you're making your lovely outfits what this part is doing for it!
owner name "" Owner Name can be used to define the owner of your part or group. Thus, applying it to them.
parent name "" This is the name of the parent of your child part. Your child parts will follow your parent.
name "" This is the name of your part! Pretty much explains itself.
hide "" Check this option to hide this object and it's children. Useful if you want to see through it or don't want others seeing it!
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